Holiday Shopping in 2025: The Future of Retail at Hayer Town Centre on 200th Street

If you were holiday shopping in Langley a decade ago and lived anywhere along 200th Street, your retail experience would’ve been significantly different than it is today. The ongoing development and growth along the 200th Street Corridor, such as the recent addition of Latimer Village, has transformed this section of Langley into a vibrant, lively hub.

200th Street is set for further expansion with Hayer Town Centre, the upcoming master-planned community from Hayer Builders Group. With 338 condos and over 35,000 sq.ft. of shops and services currently under construction, the project will be a welcome addition to the community when it completes in 2025 (Phase 1 in February,  phase 2 in July).

We chatted with Brandon Trent, Development Manager with Hayer Builders Group, about the future of retail in Langley:


Q: What do you think 200th Street in Langley currently lacks? How did this impact Hayer Town Centre’s development process?

A: 200th Street is a high exposure collector roadway that connects Langley to Highway #1.  At Hayer Builders Group, our vision was to create a modern master-planned community with one-of-a-kind amenities, where the convenience of urban living co-exists with the inspiring scenic landscape of the Fraser Valley.  


Q: What is an ideal tenant mix? 

A:Shops and services that benefit residents by providing convenience along with places to eat, be active, and be social are ideal for Hayer Town Centre.”


Q: What components are needed for a great mixed-use development project?

A:Set in the centre of the community, Hayer Town Centre will have Langley’s first outdoor urban greenspace with shops and services surrounding. This is a landmark set within the community and serves as a public space for people to meet and socialize.”

“This community will be easily walkable for residents and with ample parking provide easy access for all outside visitors.”


Q: What are your thoughts on traditional brick-and-mortar retail vs. online shopping options?

A: “In our opinion, people will always have a need for face-to-face interactions. People enjoy being social and having unique experiences which brick-and-mortar provides. Some things are just not possible to acquire online. For instance, having your nails or hair done, or seeing a doctor.”

Commercial Properties Group have previously written about the benefits of owning your own retail space. Check out the full blog, published with BC Shop Local, here


Q: What should prospective tenants look for when seeking an appropriate space to lease? 

A:  “There’s a number of things that a prospective tenant can look for:

  • Location is everything. Right now, there’s limited retail within the Latimer neighbourhood. Significant exposure along 200th and eye-catching architecture at Hayer Town Centre will draw visitors into the community. 
  • Look for an existing residential base: we have 338 homes on-site at our project, plus the surrounding communities. 
  • There should also be easy access and ample parking (street + above + below ground) for visitors.
  • Attractions, such as Township of Langley’s first outdoor urban greenspace, and first vertical green living wall, will also be attractive features for prospective tenants.”
  • Adaptable, individual units that can be combined for a larger space to fit a tenant’s requirements if necessary.”


Q: What do you think West Langley is going to look like in ten years time?

A: We see the Township of Langley as a great place to invest as a business owner. This is a safe and vibrant growing city that will continue to be a sought-after place for both residents and visitors to enjoy.  

There is an existing residential base in the West Latimer neighbourhood to support these new businesses with even more [1,000+ homes] coming in the near future.”


The Township of Langley is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Metro Vancouver, and the future continues to look bright for 200th Street.

If you’re interested in retail space for lease in Langley, there’s still a chance to join this vibrant new master-planned community. With over 70% of the project already leased, opportunities won’t last long at Hayer Town Centre.

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